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certified producer of steel constructions


ALMET company offers welding services which can be performed outside the company.

Our welders are highly qualified, and the work is carried out under the supervision of competent personnel with expertise in welding.

We grant Quality Certificates for our welding services.


DIN 18800-7 (granted by GSI SLV)

Welding load-bearing steel structures requires specific technical knowledge and experience. Moreover, appropriate welding supervision by personnel with necessary qualifications must be provided. In European countries, the basis for construction under construction supervision is the qualification of by authorised units on the basis of relevant standard provisions. Specific requirements in this field have been identified by German standard DIN 18800-7, which is recognised by most European Union countries.

Steel Structure Company ALMET has been granted Certificate of Qualification to produce steel structures in accordance with this standard and renews its validity through regular audits. In compliance with the scope of DIN 18800-7 certificate, we can fabricate all kinds of steel structures in the class D, which is structures exposed predominantly to static loads. The certificate entitles us to make welded connections from the following types of steel (by DIN EN 10025-2): S235, S275, S355.

EN ISO 3834-2 (granted by GSI SLV)

Because of their special character, welding processes require a series of actions in the field of implementation of the welding, materials management, supervision and control of the welding equipment as well as research and testing. The best organisational practice in welding companies is the introduction of the system approach to the welding processes. Specific requirements in this field are spelled out in the EN ISO 3834 standard.

Steel Structure Company ALMET is certified for the quality management system in compliance with the above standard, thus confirming the continuous improvement of competence in the production of welded structures.

The Polish Welding Centre of Excellence Qualification Certificate

The Qualification Certificate issued by The Polish Welding Centre of Excellence authorises Steel Structure Company ALMET to conduct welding works in the field of manufacturing, assembly and repair of welded steel structures in Class 3, 2 and 1, in accordance with PN-M-69008 standard (classification according to PN-B-06200 standard: general, higher and special requirements).

Steel Constructions Plant ALMET Sp. z o.o. - certified producer of steel constructions

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